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Earthquakes happen in Nevada. Most are small enough to be virtually undetectable by people, but those that are larger in magnitude can cause damage to homes and infrastructure.  

It is important for Reno residents to be prepared in the event of an earthquake. Use the side menu links to learn about earthquakes and information on preparing an earthquake kit. Also learn what you should do to protect yourself during an earthquake

Other Helpful Links:

What to do After an Earthquake

The links below provide additional earthquake information.

Nevada Seismological Laboratory

Federal Emergency Management Agency

News Conference on Earthquake Preparedness - April 29
The City of Reno held a special news conference on April 29 to discuss earthquake preparedness in Reno. City Emergency Management officials and representatives from Sierra Pacific, TMWA and the Red Cross were present to offer advice for residents and to share key issues.

The news conference aired on Reno 13 and was streamed online.
Download the audio file to listen to the news conference. (mp3 file, 3mb, 17 minutes)

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