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We hope our staff directory helps you find the appropriate department and person(s) who can best help to answer you question(s). 

Hazlett-stevens, Christopher Deputy City Attorney ICity Attorney(775) 334-2050
Harney, Matthew Development Permit TechCommunity Development - Building(775) 334-3894
Hill, Jeffrey Maintenance Worker IPublic Works - Sewer Lines(775) 334-2243
Hires, Jack Maintenance Worker IIPublic Works - Pavement Maintenance(775) 334-2243
Hendricks, Timothy Maintenance Worker IiiPublic Works - Sewer Lines(775) 224-6525
Hackenberg, Marc Maintenance Worker IiiPublic Works - Street Maintenance(775) 657-4576
Howard, Shawna Network AnalystCommunication & Technology - Technology(775) 334-4207
Heiden, Michelle Office Assistant IiPublic Works - Environmental(775) 334-2350
Hanson, Claudia Planning & Engineering ManagerCommunity Development - Planning(775) 334-2381
Holly, Dan Plans ExaminerCommunity Development - Building(775) 745-1075
Hume, Crystal Public Safety Call TakerCommunications & Technology - EComm(775) 334-2370
Hooper, Elaina Public Safety Disp SuperCommunications & Technology - EComm(775) 334-2370
Holcomb, Tessa Public Safety DispatcherCommunications & Technology - EComm(775) 334-2370
Hecht, Darcy Rec Prog Specialist IiiParks, Recreation and Community Svcs(775) 334-2267
Hart, Maggie Rec Prog Specialist IvParks, Recreation and Community Svcs(775) 334-2262
Harkins, David Rec Program Specialist IParks, Recreation and Community Svcs(775) 527-5353
HARTMAN, BEVERLY Rec Program Specialist IParks, Recreation and Community Svcs(775) 334-2262
Holmes, Daniel Rec Program Specialist IiParks, Recreation and Community Svcs(775) 334-2262
HOUSTON, ROBERT Rec Program Specialist IIParks, Recreation and Community Svcs(775) 226-2266
Hill, Alexis Spec Events Prog MgrCity Manager's Office(775) 326-6697
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