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You must appear at the Reno Municipal Court for arraignment on the date and time listed on your ticket if any violation is a mandatory appearance (this will be noted next to the violation). All cases with at-fault accidents also require a mandatory appearance.  All other citations may be paid in full on or before your scheduled court date.  The court assumes that you are waiving your right to a hearing before a judge and admitting guilt if you choose this method to resolve your citation.

Payment Methods

In Person

Payments can be made in person at the Reno Municipal Court from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday. In-person payments include cash, check, money order, Visa, Discover and Mastercard (including ATM and debit cards).  For your convenience during non-business hours, a payment drop box is located on the South side of the building on Court Street. You may pay with check or money order. DO NOT PUT CASH IN THE DROP BOX. For proper credit to your account, please include your case or citation number when making a payment in the drop box.


Through the Reno Municipal Court Online Payment System you may pay the following:

  • Traffic Citations
  • Payment Extension Plan
  • Please note: If you need to post bail on a warrant you must call the court at 775-334-2290

By Mail

For payments sent through the mail, only checks or money orders are accepted. To ensure timely delivery, please mail payments early as we do not accept postmark dates as due dates.  For proper credit to your account, please include your case or citation number when mailing a payment.

By Phone

Payments can be made over the phone with a credit card at 775-334-3066.

Returned Check Policy

If you have paid the Reno Municipal Court with a personal check that was returned as uncollectable, you will be charged a $60 returned check fee.  You will have 10 days from the date of notice of returned check to bring your account current including returned check fees.  Once you have made a payment with a check that was returned, you will not be allowed to make future payments with checks at the Reno Muncipal Court.

Payment Extensions

All fines are due and payable the day of sentencing. The Reno Municipal Court may grant payment extension requests on fines due only if indigency is declared and proven. You will be required to complete and submit an eligibility application for review and approval. You may be required to provide the Court with copies of bills, receipts, tax returns or other documentation. If payment extensions are granted, failure to comply with arrangements may result in the assessment of a $100 collection fee, referral to a collection agency and issuance of a warrant for your arrest with accompanying criminal and civil penalties, including forfeiture of property, wage garnishment, and negative credit reporting.


Refunds of fine overpayments of $10 or less will not be made unless a written request is made to the Reno Municipal Court by the defendant within one (1) year of overpayment.  Overpayments exceeding $10 will be processed and sent to the last known address according to court records.  In the event the overpayment cannot be returned, it will be treated and disposed of consistent with Chapter 120A of the Nevada Revised Statute.

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