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Michael Hernandez


Reno Fire Chief


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(775) 334-2300 

Michael has done an incredible job of working to ensure that Reno upholds its high standards for excellent fire service to residents through a downturn in the economy and a deconsolidation of an eleven year merger of fire services with Washoe County.

As Reno Fire Chief, it is Michael’s responsibility to ensure that emergency services are mitigated in a quick, efficient, and professional manner by well-trained, equipped professionals.

Michael oversees all aspects of the Department’s operations. The Reno Fire Department is an all-hazards response organization that responds to fires, emergency medical calls and natural and man-made disasters. The Department prides itself in its customer service approach and public safety educational outreach.

Michael has been a fire service professional for more than 30 years. He started as a firefighter medic and worked up the ranks to the position of Fire Chief. He has worked in every major division of the fire service, including emergency operations, training, Emergency Medical Services, Emergency Operations Center management, and the Fire Prevention Bureau. This background allows him a comprehensive management style that provides for a broad understanding of all aspects of the fire service

Michael received a Bachelor of Science degree in Government from Texas A&M University and a Master in Education degree from Texas A&M University.

Among his most important accomplishments are obtaining his Executive Fire Officer credential from the National Fire Academy, Graduate and Post Graduate academic credentials, but most importantly providing skills training, tools and ability for firefighters to do what they do best - serve the community.

Michael is a member of the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC), National Fire Academy Executive Fire Officer Alumni Association, National Fire Protection Association and Nevada Fire Chiefs Association. He is an IAFC Executive Edge Program graduate.

Among his many speaking engagements, Michael was the Keynote Speaker in 2012 at the Firehouse World Conference in San Diego. He was a presenter at the IAFC Conference in Atlanta in 2011 and the IAFC Conference in Denver in 2012.

Michael is really passionate about fire service trends, family, community service, great meals and customer service.

Most weekends you will find Michael enjoying the abundant outdoor activities of Northern Nevada

He is a volunteer for the Boy Scouts of America, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Mathews Elementary School and various speaking engagements.


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