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Sex Crimes/Child Abuse Unit                                                                                      775-657-4601
The Sex Crimes/Child Abuse Unit investigates sexually based crimes against adults and juveniles, child abuse, neglect and endangerment. Specialized members of the unit are dedicated to providing the utmost in professional investigative services to the victims of these crimes in a sensitive and compassionate manner with respect for the rights of both the victims and those accused.

Robbery/Homicide Unit                                                                        775-334-2188
The responsibilities of this unit are to investigate all major crimes against persons to include: robbery, battery and assault with a deadly weapon and with substantial bodily harm, murders, manslaughter (non-traffic-related), questionable deaths, mayhem, kidnapping, and major cold cases. The types of crimes this unit investigates can be traumatic and life altering for the victim and victim's family. The Robbery/Homicide Unit is dedicated to these individuals and investigates each case thoroughly and in a timely manner to help bring closure to the people involved. A main goal of the Robbery/Homicide Unit is to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Reno by arresting and convicting the dangerous felons responsible for these crimes.

Misdemeanor/Family Crimes Unit                                                                                  775-334-2134
The Misdemeanor/Family Crimes Unit is committed to the aggressive prosecution of misdemeanor crimes committed within the City of Reno. The Unit works to impact public policy, increase public awareness, and develop community-based responses to domestic violence to effect an overall reduction of other criminal behavior. The Misdemeanor/Family Crimes Unit works closely with the department’s victim advocates to provide service and support to victims. The Detectives strive to maintain the family as a unit, while effectively working to break the cycle of family violence.

Missing Persons Division                                                                        775-321-8372
The Reno Police Department Missing Persons Division is responsible for assisting local police agencies in coordinating, investigating and responding to reporting parties on cases involving missing persons, runaway children, and unidentified living or deceased individuals. Please visit the Missing Persons web page for additional information. If you have information on the whereabouts of any of these individuals, please call (775) 321-8372 or email the Missing Persons Division at If you believe that someone you know is missing, please contact the Reno Police Department at (775) 334-2550 to initiate a missing persons report.

Victim Services Unit                                                                                775-657-4519
Our Mission: We proudly serve victims of crime, treating them with respect and dignity while responding to their needs and concerns. We educate victims of crime on their rights and are committed to providing the most professional, empowering advocacy possible while assessing each case on an individual basis. Please visit the Victim Services Unit pages for detailed information.


Auto Theft Unit                                                                                        775-334-2140
"An auto theft occurs every 26 seconds in the United States!" (National Insurance Crime Bureau) The Auto Theft Unit investigates crimes involving the theft of automobiles, trucks, boats, and motorcycles and strives to efficiently respond to these problems and effectively continue to decrease this type of crime.
Helpful Brochures:
Motorcycle Security
Vehicle Security (English / Spanish)
Move It or Lose It (Vehicle Burglary Prevention)
Vehicle Awareness Cards
Vehicle Theft Inserts

Burglary Unit                                                                                           775-334-2144
The Burglary Unit investigates and strives to identify and arrest burglary suspects and recover property taken in burglaries and thefts of various types, including both commercial and residential burglary crimes as well as general theft and larceny.  Click here for the Reporting Guidelines for Pawn Shops and Second Hand Stores.

Financial/Computer Crimes Unit                                                             775-334-2107
The Financial/Computer Crimes Unit is charged with the duties of investigating a wide variety of major white-collar crimes including: identity theft, fraud, embezzlement, forgery, computer crime, as well as check and credit card offenses. They also investigate elder finance abuse. The Financial Crimes/Computer Unit works closely with federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, as well as banks, credit card companies, and other financial institutions.

Click here for Fraud Reduction Tips
Click here for Fraud Crime Cheat Sheet
Click here for the RPD Identity Theft Packet


Intelligence Unit/Special Intelligence Group                                         775-334-2180
The Reno Police Department recognized the need to assist the efforts of governmental agencies in creating a uniform response to terrorist threats. The Special Intelligence Group is responsible for Homeland Security, which commits the Reno Police Department to fulfill the requirements of any conditions concerned with all types of terrorism should it become necessary.

Crime Analysis Unit                                                                                  775-334-2181
The mission of the Crime Analysis Unit is to support the operations and the administration of the department by carefully reviewing and analyzing all the local crime data to identify patterns, hot spots, and trends. Information is at the heart of this unit. The Unit provides investigative officers with information necessary to identify criminal offenders and supports community policing and crime prevention programs by supplying information to produce Neighborhood Crime Statistics.


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