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Community Action Officers


Community Action Officer's (CAO) will be infusing the principles of Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving (COPPS), Crime Fighting, Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED), resource management, and innovation into our communities and within the department. The unit currently consists of 8 Officers and 1 Sergeant. Officers are currently primarily assigned to specific areas of the City of Reno.


North: Officer Barnes (Crime Free Multi-Housing) / Officer Weaver

South: Officer Lopez (KSK-Kids to Senior Corner) / Officer Bowden / Officer Guilford

Central: Officer Carter (HELP- Homeless Evaluation Liaison Program) / Officer Stallcop / Officer Warren (MOST-Mobile Outreach Safety Team)

Office number 775-657-4543

Sgt. Shaw    775-334-2540


Some CAO's have also been assigned specialty areas based on outreach programs and are denoted above in parenthesis. Currently, Officer Warren coordinates the Mobile Outreach Safety Team (MOST) which is a cooperative effort between Northern Nevada Mental Health and the Reno Police Department. Mental Health Social Workers are assigned with Crisis Intervention Trained Patrol Officers in the field to deal with persons in mental health crisis.


Crime Free Multi-Housing is an important tool that the unit has been using to improve relationships with business owners, apartment managers and citizens. The unit is now primarily responsible for teaching the program and implementing the principles associated with it.


Crime Analysis data collected over the last year has clearly shown a reduction of 50-60% in calls for service when our CAO efforts have been implemented. Data on the impacts of the CAO’s efforts on long term neighborhood problems is equally impressive. It is our intent to impact calls for service, reduce workloads for the department, address neighborhood problems, increase community ownership of problems, and integrate COPPS into our department and the community.



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