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City Attorney's Office


Who We Are 

The City Attorney’s Office serves as an important resource for the City of Reno. The Office consists of two primary divisions, Civil and Criminal. Each division is headed by an Chief Deputy City Attorney. 

Reno's City government receives a broad range of legal services and advice from the City Attorney's Office. The Office also serves as the legal advisor to the Reno Redevelopment Agency, which is a separate legal entity.

Citizens of Reno benefit as well, from programs such as domestic violence awareness and cell phone drives for seniors. Explore the links on the side menu to learn more about the role of the City Attorney's Office.

Mission Statement

The Civil Division of the Office operates as a full service legal office providing timely, professional and competent legal advice to its clients. The Criminal Division operates proactively to achieve justice through the effective prosecution of misdemeanor offenses. As part of this mission, the Reno City Attorney’s Office promotes training, education, and preventative law.

Karl S. Hall

City Attorney Karl S. Hall

The Reno City Attorney is an elected official. City Attorney Karl S. Hall took office in November 2014.

City Attorney's Office
One East First Street, 3rd Floor
Open 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 1900
Reno, Nevada 89505
Phone: 775-334-2050
Fax: 775-334-2420

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