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kauffmanlogoMost Entrepreneurial Metropolitan Area per Capita

Liv-Top-100-Badge-Green-White_1   Reno Voted #10 on Livability's 'Top 100 Best Places to Live 2014'

National Geographic - Best Ski Town   National Geographic Nominates Reno in 'Top 10 Emerging Ski Towns'





   3 Alternative Tech Startup Cities With Less Traffic, More Housing



Reno is THE location for investors and prospective business owners who are ready to take advantage of exciting opportunities arising from Reno's amazing revitalization.

Reno is one of the most business-friendly cities

We offer NO corporate income taxes, personal income taxes, estate and/or gift taxes, unitary taxes, franchise taxes, inventory taxes and franchise taxes on income. That's right - zero, zip, none.

Reno is a "Hotspot" (the next leader in Green Energy)

Sustainability doesn’t just benefit the environment. It also benefits a community’s health and economy. In September 2010, the Natural Resources Defense Council declared Reno, Nevada, among the 22 Smartest Cities for Energy. See why Reno is a geothermal hotspot.

Reno is refreshed, renewed and serious about revitalization!

Reno woke up from its slumber several years ago and started focusing on renewing this great destination city with strong support from our Redevelopment Agency. Now with our Triple-A Baseball Stadium, our urban market, and our vibrant downtown community, Reno is marching at full speed. And we're getting noticed.


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